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National Doughnut Week 2016!

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It’s simple – we help you to increase sales, you raise money for a good cause as part of a packed week of fundraising and we smash our £50,000 goal on this, the 25th anniversary of National Doughnut Week.

To participate in National Doughnut Week and use the National Doughnut Week logo to promote your activities all businesses MUST register to take part. You will then receive an exciting, co-ordinated point of sale kit, funded by bakery ingredient supplier CSM Bakery Solutions.

By using the posters and leaflets in the kit to decorate your shop you can not only increase your doughnut sales and raise money for The Children’s Trust but you could also get an upturn in sales of other lines, due to the fantastic eye catching and customer appealing displays in your store.

What you will receive
Once you have registered, CSM will send you:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Bunting
  • Window Stickers
  • Help with promotional activity

Even better - Every business that registers will receive a voucher enabling you to get either £10 off Craigmillar Doughnut Concentrate 16kg or Kielder Doughnut Concentrate 25kg or £5 off a case of Readi-Bake Mixed Pack Ring Doughnuts 36 x 60g , Finger Doughnuts or Plain Ring Doughnuts. Available at your local Bako or BFP wholesaler, other wholesalers may apply, please check first.

Free promotional opportunities for your business
A national publicity campaign has also been arranged to raise awareness on the high street. Join our Facebook and Twitter campaigns and let everyone know how you are celebrating National Doughnut Week and have some fun.

National Doughnut Week is supported by a professional PR team who can help you promote your events – contact them sooner rather than later so they can be more effective on your behalf: Catherine, Ellen and Jade on or Tel. 0161 923 4994